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No 13 Bespoke Grease Monkey (Orange Scent) XL 6.5 oz Exfoliating Bar Soap
No 13 Bespoke Grease Monkey (Orange Scent) XL 6.5 oz Exfoliating Bar Soap Side View
Bogue Milk Soap

No 13 Bespoke Grease Monkey XL (Orange Scent) 6.5 oz Exfoliating Bar Soap

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  • Artisanal soap handmade in Ojai, California with fresh raw Goat Milk
  • Three aggregate soap to exfoliate, remove grease & smells
  • Essential oils to heal cuts & abrasions
  • Hand mixed, poured and cut into long lasting bars.
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Rich & creamy lathering soap
  • Dimensions: 3.5” L x 2.0” W x 1.75” H

    Bogue Milk Soap N° 13 “Grease Monkey” is loaded with essential oils and exfoliates to remove oils and grease, not just for mechanics but for anyone who works with their hands. A serious exfoliator with pumice, walnut shell & cornmeal aggregates. Essential oils petitgrain, orange & vetiver lift the dirt and protect your skin while it cleans. You’ll want it in your shop, your kitchen, your shower and everywhere you need to scrub a little to get clean.

    Bespoke bar soaps are designed for health lifestyle activities, each recipe custom made with professional input. Each ingredient mindfully selected to ensure results.

    Ingredients: Goat milk with saponified organic coconut, organic jojoba, organic olive, olive pomace, sustainable palm, organic cocoa butter and organic castor oil, with organic essential oils of sweet orange, vetiver and petitgrain and exfoliates of fine pumice, crushed walnut shells and cornmeal.