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Berry (Frutti di Bosco) 8.81 Oz Soap Bar 8.81 Oz Soap Bar By Saponificio Artigianale Fiorentino
Frutti di Bosco (Berry) 8.81 Oz Soap Bar Display Case
Saponificio Artigianale Fiorentino

Berry (Frutti di Bosco) Scented 8.81 oz Soap Bar

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  • Berry scented single soap bar
  • Proudly made in Tuscany, Italy by The Florentine Artisan Soap Company
  • Vegetable based with no dyes or chemicals
  • Package of 1 rectangular shaped sculpted soap bar
  • 250 gram (8.81 oz) soap bar 
  • Comes with its own protective and decorative wrapping

Single bar of soap with berry scent made by Saponificio Artigianale Fiorentino. The soap is decoratively inscribed on and comes with its own protective wrapping.

Proudly made in Tuscany, Italy by the Florentine Artisan Soap Company. Vegetable based with no dyes or chemicals. Handcrafted with no chemical detergents or coloring.