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Forest Bathing Three Soap Set
Forest Bathing Three Soap Set
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Forest Bathing Three Soap Set

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Inspired by the natural aromatics of the biodiversity that surrounds us, this set features three thoughtfully made cold process bar soaps that pay homage to the natural scents of forests. Bring the outside in with this nature themed set! 

·       Smooth and creamy lather nourishes skin and doesn't over dry

·       Formulated without the use of palm oil, animal fats, or sodium lauryl sulfate

·       Perfect for everyday use. 

·       Each bar of soap is 4oz, and each set contains three bars.

Hinoki Fern: Inspired by the hinoki forests of Japan, this soap pays homage to the land of the rising sun in which the term "Forest Bathing" was coined (Hey, thank you Japan!). In this fragrance you'll find notes of hinoki wood, cypress smoke, fern, moss, vetiver, rosemary, and pine, bringing you from your shower to a hike on a cool and sunny spring day.

Honeysuckle Moss: Fragrance notes of swamp orchid, jasmine, honeysuckle, bald cypress, and Spanish moss send you to the spring waters of the wetlands, right at full bloom.

Desert Sage & Saguaro: Inspired by the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, this scent highlights the delicately sweet and woody fragrance notes found in arid environments. Cedarwood, frankincense, juniper berry, cactus flower, desert sage, vetiver, and black pepper comprise this scent. Made with pumice and red clay, this fragrance is reminiscent of those hot hikes without the sunburn.